Any tip-off that is sent to Fair Play Bygg is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Anyone who submits information to Fair Play Bygg can choose to remain completely anonymous. In order to be able to obtain more information, we would like to be able to make contact with you if you have provided information, but you make that choice yourself when you fill in the form.

Unless we agree otherwise, your contact information remains with Fair Play Bygg and is not passed on. Submitting a tip-off to Fair Play Bygg is not the same as making a report to the police, and your identity is not passed on to any official register. We never disclose a source.

Fair Play Bygg is operated by Stockholm’s Byggmästareförening and Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland. Fair Play Bygg is, however, completely independent in its work. Our owners do not have access to the information handled by Fair Play Bygg.

The tool Matomo is used at to collect anonymized user statistics that help us improve the website. To protect our users' privacy, we do not use so-called cookies to collect statistics.