About Fair Play Bygg

Criminality in the construction industry is a growing problem, affecting individuals, companies, and society at large. We – Stockholm’s byggmästareförening and Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland – want to do something about it. That's why we jointly initiated Fair Play Bygg in 2016. Workplaces in the construction industry must be safe and healthy for workers and companies to compete on equal terms.

Since the start, we have received over 1,500 reports about suspected criminal activity on construction sites in Stockholm. This may involve tax fraud, human exploitation, and corruption. Once we have received a tip-off, Fair Play Bygg takes action to obtain more information to support the suspected crime, and hand it over to the Police, the Swedish Tax Agency, or the Swedish Work Environment Authority for further investigation. This has led to higher tax rates of over SEK 100 million. As a whistle-blower, you can choose to remain anonymous.

The solution to the problems, according to us, lies in increased cooperation between authorities to track and stop criminality in the construction industry. A change in privacy legislation is needed – for the Authorities to facilitate information. The stakeholders who order construction services also have a responsibility.

Through Fair Play Bygg, we want to see action against workplace criminality in the construction industry. For individuals, for companies, and for the whole of society.


Do you suspect criminal activity at a construction site and want to report it?

Fill out the following form to leave your tip-off. It can concern, for example,

cheating with employer’s contributions, bribes, extortion, unregistered labour, organised unregistered labour, corruption, tax fraud, or serious work environment crimes.  Find out more about how we handle confidentiality.