About Fair Play Bygg


Help us to achieve safe and healthy workplaces! Fair Play Bygg receives information about suspicions of criminal activity in the construction industry and makes sure that it is forwarded to the correct authority. 

We accept tip-offs about the following:

    • -       Cheating with employer’s contributions
    • -       Bribes
    • -       Extortion
    • -       Unregistered (“black”) labour
    • -       Organised unregistered labour
    • -       Corruption
    • -       Tax fraud
    • -       Fraud
    • -       Employees without work permits 
    • -       Serious work environment crimes 


In serious cases, where life is at risk, or if a break-in, robbery or theft, etc. is in progress, call 112! 

Fill in the information using our form. Once we have received your tip-off, Fair Play Bygg takes action to obtain more information to support the suspected crime. As a whistle-blower you may remain anonymous and we handle all information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can choose whether or not you wish to enter contact information in the form, but we would like to be able to contact you if you have provided information in order to be able to find out more.

Sending a tip-off to Fair Play Bygg is not the same as making a report to the police. 

Fair Play Bygg:

  • -       Examines and evaluates information provided.
  • -       Supplements it as required, for example with information provided by others and/or through open sources.
  • -       Compiles information in order to facilitate the work of authorities if they find reason to investigate the information. 

Fair Play Bygg supports the authorities in their efforts to combat criminal operators and activities in the construction industry. Fair Play Bygg is operated by Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland and Stockholms Byggmästareförening. The purpose is to create safe and healthy workplaces where companies can compete on equal terms.

Find out more about how we handle confidentiality.

Stockholms Byggmästareförening and Byggnads Stockholm-Gotland